Slumped shoulders

A blue horn touted loud,

A scarlet fish floated round,
A yellow stream gushed,
Spiralling down a rabbit hole. 
In a murky maze,
Lobotomized eyes seeked
The help of frozen limbs,
Only to be blinded by the bright. 
Music and musings,
Intertwined with spirit,
Hazy dreams of yesterday
Shimmering on the red water.
A walk in the morning rain,
Broken, and taped with twine,
An unmistakable, impending dive,
Into the arms of dystopia,
Death masquerading as hope. 
The ghoulish laughter of the folks
The besmirched mark on the cheek,
The venom running in the veins,
Bid adieu to the tarnished soul. 

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