Your Lowness

A short lived Your Highness,

Widespread, wordlessness.

Falling through the cracks,

Out of undue distress,

Into the lap of blindness.

Flowers and rainbow,

Rain on your window,

Splat goes an insect,

Oblivion in horizon.

Marquess and the farmer,

Quibbled in the corner,

Ale and an aperitif

Flowing like a river.

Where did the tide go?

Where did the ebb flow?

How did the moon shine?

Without any trace divine.

Fleeting is the birdsong,

Harp not, hear the gong.

Rise up, says the rooster,

Dock into the water,

Set sail, in the unknown.

The bulkwark will hold ye

If ye gone and done, some folly.

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