Daily Prompt: Simplify

Years and years, 

Of dreams and longing.

Weaving a web of lies,

And a sense of belonging.

Fascinating lands,

And within them, the sands.

Complicated by times,

Simplified by lines. 

The bell tolled for the dead,

And for the newlywed.

The child woke in the night,

And cried out of fright. 

The blood and the sweat,

Of the promises never kept. 

Simplify, the world says

How, the horse neighs!


viaDaily Prompt: Simplify

For M

Through your Ray-Bans,

I wish I could see,

The spikes that connects,

The ground and the galaxy.


Where the Young King lays,

In all his profuseness,

Silence emboweled by gulosity.


The holy sun shining on the feline

By the monstrous depth of denial,

Rudiments of eminence

Forever emblazoned on the orbit.