After a good night’s sleep,

Jarred with a sweet banter

Awakened with caffeine,

The shingle from the roof

Came down tumbling.

Red fruit and green,

Adorned in a yellow bowl,

Uneaten, in spite of the hunger;

The wayward scion dawdled.

Slumbering in a sheathed shroud,

The big man lay insentient,

To the troubles of the throngs,

Because his spine was in pain,

He said, he did not care.

Meanwhile the greedy feline,

With a gluttonous greedy linger,

Dotted the silence in the abode,

With his menagerie of toys.

The day, yet to unravel.

All the séance and flotsam.

Was already ostracized,

By the clashing of the oblivious.


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