The year 2018,

Smartphones and dumbusers,

Man-less cars crashing,

An emoticon for each noun.

Rockets in space,

Boundaries blurring,

The wars are rising,

The brains deteriorating,

Once a green tree,

Now a brown twig.

In this glorious year of 2018,

I still tend to scrunch up my nose,

When someone writes “your” instead of “you’re”.


5 thoughts on “Hieroglyph

  1. All these modern things but guess what? All the comments on social media show how little you learned in school back in the day. I cringe sometimes when I see these glaring errors and sometimes I’ll laugh when I see someone sees that same glaring error and decides to become the grammar police … the other party gets offended. Your/you’re and their/there/theyre are big bugaboos with me. And we have to learn the acronyms too – life should be easier, but it is not. Thanks for the smile.

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  2. Indeed, sometimes I feel like I live the time of words without vowels when emoticons replace the words and when we tend to speak but not really talk.

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