Like a pillar,

That can blink.

But cannot move.

Goes around the focus,

But never in focus.

Take me over,

Guitars and cymbals.

I have love to give.

I know not where.

My head spins,

I jive.

The mother and children,

They wait.

To sleep and forget.

The agony.

Clouds in sky,

Clouds in mind,

Rain in blue.

Thirty four years,

And four years.


The love, for two men.

Dotted by tears and smiles.

Happy and sad,

Part of life.

If death comes by,

I am camera ready.


That skin

Yes, it’s the same colour. 

Time machine,

Whirred back,

Naivete reigned. 

Stars in the eyes. 

Blurred and clear, 

The heart was a harp,

The steps, frozen in the muck.

Bait, hook and fish,

Reeled in without a wiggle. 

Dragged on for minutes and hours. 

Weeks and months and years and decades. 

Signs, dreams, signs and dreams,

A cynic grew, like a fruitless tree. 

Thanks to that skin. 

That skin..

That skin makes mine crawl. 

I wanted everything and now,

I want nothing. Except that skin..


Prose to poetry- trying…

Kindergarten teachers,

You are the ones,

That FBI and Interpol should recruit,

For interrogating criminal minds!

You deal with snotty monsters,

With the innocuous rants;

All fifteen of them loaded,

With sugar-coated bombs.

You kiss the boo-boos away,

You hug them when they throw up,

You sing to them, and read to them,

Like a mom and dad would dream of.

You make them dance,

You make them prance;

At your voice, they form a queue,

At your command, they are a view!

These four-year olds are tough,

As tough as they can be.

And therefore I say,

You should handle the guilty. 

You wield a power unfathomable,

That no parent ever can.

For loving and hardening at the same time,

Seems very very tough.

Those charged guilty,

Of unimaginable crimes,

Aren’t they the same as,

A child acting up as a prime?

The child is innocent,

The grown-up is not,

But you, as a teacher,

Can notice the point!


** A BIG SHOUTOUT to all the TEACHERS.. You people are doing the most noble work in the world! (Started out as a prose and ended up with this, four beers down.. LOL)